Translation of the registry

The registry is being translated with priority given to commonly spoken languages and the languages of participants who have registered their interest in joining the registry.  This page will be updated to keep you informed of progress:

French: The French translation work has been completed and is in the process of being added to the system.  It is expected to be available before Christmas 2018.-  Apologies!  This has been delayed as we  have had a technical issue which has taken some time to resolve.  French speaking patients may request translated documents on a paper form and the online translation is hoped to be available by June 2019.

Dutch: Dutch translation work is underway and is expected to be available in 2019.

Polish: translation is underway.

Spanish: translation is underway.

German: an intern has been appointed.

Italian: translation is complete and Italian documents and those who wish to join the registry in Italian can request that documents are sent out to their home address.

Swedish: We have had a kind offer from a registry participant to contribute to a Swedish translation.  This is expected to be available on a paper form initially.